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It was the same when I was in high school. That means no Casting crowns, mercyme, or Stephen Curtis Chapman. Cleats should not be worn on the asphalt tracks. Students may not work on Sundays and may not obtain employment in any establishment where they would need to handle alcoholic beverages.

After reading every single comment in this thread I had to respond. Boy, was I wrong! Written Permissions--An off-campus pass is necessary in these instances: a.

Pensacola Christian College and sexual abuse victims

I was also trying to avoid the harassment I personally know comes with critiquing this college in public. However, yesterday, The New Republic published an article that. I personally experienced a small taste of it— when I tried to explain what my rapist had done to me the staff counselor interrupted me in the middle of a sentence to ask what Ihad done that Ineeded to repent of. I also know women who have been expelled because they reported being sexually assaulted. In order to do that, however, I have to have more than just my own solitary story. I need your stories, too. If you were ever a student at Pensacola Christian College, a sexual abuse or rape victim, and had an encounter with Student Life, floorleaders, residence managers, or the counseling staff concerning your abuse, could you please contact me? I promise that I will keep you anonymous if you would prefer not to be named, and I will only include as many details as you feel comfortable sharing. I will do my honest-to-God best to make sure I tell your story how you would want it to be shared, and that I will treat you with grace, dignity, and respect. You can e-mail me at forgedimagination gmail. If you contact me and then later change your mind, I will respect that, as well. Victim blaming myself or any of my readers, or engaging in rape apologism will guarantee that I block you without appeal.

Pensacola Christian College Motto Strength. Men students may meet women students at the residence halls before church services, Fine Arts Series, and Vespers, but not before meals. Are you saying that there are rules against students wearing jeans and listening to music that they like off campus. Unsuitable music will be retained by the College until the semester concludes. They may never drive west toward Resistance Pickens. If you don't mind the rules, and keep your nose down, it's easy to just live day to day. You may not go off campus for meals if you are sick. However, students who are out with parents or out-of-town guests, baby-sitting, or visiting in a local zip are permitted to come in at 10:25 p. Men may use stair-towers B and C and elevators 3 and 4. Park in the designated area listed on the vehicle regulations sheet until your space is open.


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